Obsession Confession – Kindness

Kindness is this month’s obsession.  (I know it’s not food but don’t worry, I will tie it in with a recipe!) Most of us can agree that we are living in a crazy time. We can all have our different opinions as to why, but the one thing I do know for sure is that the pace in which many of us live our lives, gives little time to stop and think about where life’s biggest rewards truly lie.   There may be no money in kindness, and at times no acknowledgment, but the benefits we can reap as the human race are immeasurable.  The next time you are feeling tense, anxious, overwhelmed or a host of any other stressful emotions, I hope you are able to take pause and do something randomly kind to a loved one or a stranger.  You will be amazed how good a smile can feel.  Of course, if you are looking for a venue to enhance the experience, we welcome it here at the Cider Co.

Breaking bread with friends and family is always an excellent way to impart kindness and joy!  With that said and brunch season upon us, here is our delicious banana bread recipe.  I have been making this with my mom since I was a child, taken from the Junior League of Palo Alto Cookbooks.

It is the Kona Inn Banana Bread, and there is no better…