Obsession Confession – Monkfish

We ran the Pan Roasted Monkfish with Heirloom Beans and Blood Orange Nage
as a special on the first  Friday of lent and due to the nature of the cold weather,  Monkfish has such a great meaty texture and mild flavor when cooked perfectly; it’s referred to as “poor man’s lobster.”
   As cooks, we always have different ingredients on hand and in this case, we had Louisiana shrimp shells and decided to make stock with them.  This was the base for the special.  From there, I saw beautiful heirloom beans we had in the pantry.  So we had monkfish, shrimp stock, and heirloom beans.  At this point,  I looked to some secondary flavors and saw blood oranges and saffron.  I wanted both of those to be in my sauce and therefore went with the Nage idea.  Monkfish simple beans pretty simple and the sauce bold!  We garnished the dish with fennel and amazing chioggia beets from Brookford Farm.